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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Cakes

  • “How much are your wedding cakes?” Our buttercream wedding cakes are $5.00/serving for most any design or style. There is an extra charge for fondant decorations, gum paste flowers, and the like, but we try not to nickel and dime you to death for every little thing. All-fondant cakes begin at $6.50/serving. Fillings other than buttercream and chocolate buttercream are $10 extra per wedding cake.

  • “What’s the difference between buttercream and fondant icing?” Fondant is a sugar dough, which is rolled out, then draped and molded over the cake. This is usually over a layer of buttercream. It is smooth and clean but does not taste as good as buttercream and costs more. Brides like fondant for the look. Buttercream tastes better than fondant and costs less. While it’s not as smooth and clean as fondant, we get our buttercream pretty smooth. Most of the wedding cakes in our galleries are buttercream.

  • “How do I start the process of getting my wedding cake?” The wedding cake of your dreams begins when you schedule an appointment for a complimentary wedding consultation/tasting. Appointments are scheduled Monday-Thursday, no more than four a day, beginning at 9am with the last appointment at 6pm. Plan on spending about an hour discussing and planning different styles and designs and tasting different flavors of cake and fillings.

  • “Why don’t you have weekend appointments?” Fridays and Saturdays are dedicated to decorating, delivering, and setting up wedding cakes. We are closed on Sundays but we will sometimes schedule a Sunday appointment, especially for out-of-town brides.

  • “How far ahead do I need to book my wedding cake?” Three to six months is a good guide. It is best if the following items are decided on before you come to see us: venue, wedding colors/ theme, wedding dress, brides maid’s dresses, flowers and flower colors. If you know you want us to do your cake and you are concerned your date might not be available, you can put a deposit down and have your consultation/tasting later. If your cake is part of the venue’s package, your date is already reserved with us and you should make an appointment for about 2-3 months before your event.

  • “How much is the deposit?” The deposit to hold the date for your wedding cake is $100. It is non-refundable, but is is applied to the price of your cake.

  • “Can I get more than one flavor with my wedding cake?” It’s your cake. Of course you can. And there’s no extra charge. Different fillings available too. And there’s no extra charge.

  • “Do you offer options other than a “traditional” wedding cake?" Yes, in addition to cake, we offer cupcakes, cake balls, or a complete dessert bar. 

  • “Do you freeze your cakes?” No. Each cake is baked fresh and custom decorated.

  • "Do you rent cake stands/plateaus?” No. We let you use them for free! We will ask you for a deposit check but when you return the stand, we return your check to you.


Party Cakes

  • “How early should I order my cake?” It’s never too early to order your cake. We often fill up a week or two in advance.

  • “Do you bake your cakes ahead of time and freeze them?” NO! Our cakes are baked fresh and decorated to order.

  • “How much do your cakes cost?” You can get a simply beautiful cake for as little as $30. But you can also get a cake for $100, $200, or even more depending on how big you need it, the time involved in crafting the cake, and how elaborately decorated you want it.

  • "What’s the best way to place an order?” Coming in to the bakery is always best. Bring swatches, pictures, invitations for best results. We can take orders over the phone or by email, but face-to-face is always best for good communication.

  • “Why do you ask for a deposit?” The deposit insures you’ll have your cake when you want it and it tells us you are serious about getting a cake. We’ve had people in the past order cakes, some of them pretty elaborate, and then not show up to pick them up. The deposit insures we are somewhat compensated for our time and the materials we used.

Common Concerns

  • “I came in to order my cake and was told you could not do it, that you were already full for the weekend. What’s up with that?” We can only do so many cakes on a week-end and once we meet our limit, we won’t do any more. Cakes by Jula is committed to quality, not quantity. Sometimes we can take orders at the last minute and sometimes we are already booked full a week or more ahead of time. We hope you understand. We suggest you order your cake as soon as you know you will need it, the sooner the better.

  • “Why doesn’t my cake look exactly like the picture I showed you?” We never  guarantee “exactly like.” We can’t even recreate our own cakes exactly, let alone a picture of someone else’s cake. We get pretty darn close, but there will always be even subtle differences in color and technique. I dare say da Vinci would not be able to recreate the Mona Lisa exactly. (And not just because he’s dead.)

  • “Why is the color not exactly what I asked for?” We do our best to match colors to your expectations and most of the time we make it happen, but food coloring has its limitations and icing is a fickle medium and doesn’t always take color exactly as we wish. Sometimes it darkens as it dries and sometimes it doesn’t. Also, our notion of teal, magenta, or even baby blue may not be the same as in your head of those colors. Bringing us a swatch or the invitation is the best way to get the color you want.

  • “Why did my cake fall apart on the way home?” Cakes don’t typically “fall apart.” We go to great lengths to stabilize your cake for transport and we will always offer to take your cake to your car for you. Cakes are very fragile and must be handled and transported accordingly. Please remember, we are not responsible for your cake once you take possession of it. Please read “Tips for Getting Your Cake Home Safely” below. If you do accidentally mess up your cake, call us and let us know. If you can bring it back to us we can probably fix it.

Tips for Getting Your Cake Home Safely

  • Always carry your cake by its base. Make sure you don’t put pressure on the sides or top of the box, which could press against the cake and damage it.

  • Put your cake on a flat, level surface in your car. We do not recommend placing your cake on the front or back seat. We also don’t recommend anyone hold the cake.

  • Turn on the air conditioning in your car. Put it on high.

  • Drive carefully--like you have a baby without a car seat. Sudden stops, quick starts, or sharp turns can cause the cake to shift.


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