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Wedding Trends: Dessert Bars

Everyone loves food at a wedding! A popular wedding trend is the more wedding food, the better! We have been baking for weddings from Houston to Galveston for over 35 years and more and more weddings are enhancing the menu. From serving appetizers during cocktail hour to late night snacks during the reception (like tacos). And it’s not just savory foods. It seems like couples are also trying to find sweets to add to their reception. While they’ve popped up here and there, we have noticed more couples have added wedding dessert bars the past couple of years to their receptions instead of a groom’s cake or in addition to the bride and groom’s cakes. As a full-service bakery, Cakes by Jula in League City specializes in a variety of desserts that will complement your wedding cake and leave your guests raving about your reception.

The key is variety; with our wedding dessert bars, the possibilities are endless. Even with a custom wedding cake, cupcakes are still a nice touch to a dessert bar. You can incorporate more cake flavors and add some height to the overall look. 


The next big winner is cookies! Again, there are so many flavors to choose from which means you can satisfy every sweet tooth! Choose from classic favorites or let us get creative with craft flavors, like Smores! We can also custom decorate your wedding cookies.


Do you know what everyone loves at a wedding dessert bar? Cake balls! Again, such an assortment of flavors is available at Cakes by Jula. We always keep up to 15 flavors of cake balls in the case at our League City bakery, so you are welcome to come by anytime to enjoy these sweet treats.


Another popular item at the dessert bar… lemon bars! There is ALWAYS someone in the crowd who enjoys the tart taste of lemon. Our lemon bars are the perfect mixture of sweetness and tang to complement any wedding dessert bar.


The best way to bring in some color to your dessert bar, macarons! Macarons are so popular for wedding dessert bars. In fact, we have even decorated wedding cakes with macarons! And just like our cookies, we can custom decorate your macarons. We can also customize the color of the macarons.


While the above are the more common choices, we also have brownies, muffins, pies, cannoli, chocolate-dipped pretzel rods, mini-pies, mini-tarts, salted-caramel bars, and so much more! Come and talk to us about all we have to offer and what you might like.


Now, aside from offering a variety of delicious dessert bar options at your wedding, the set-up has to have a good aesthetic. We take care of crafting perfect desserts that are as beautiful as they are tasty (after all, our motto is “They Taste as Good as They Look.”) but the display also matters. Make sure to discuss your wedding dessert bar with us or your wedding coordinator so the right display dishes will be provided. We have a number of options for displaying your treats.

Our dessert bars are perfect for weddings, but we can also customize the style and offerings for birthdays, corporate events, holiday events, and more. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering, a stunning wedding, or a business meeting, we will work with you to create a dessert bar that exceeds your expectations. We know it’s important for you to find the best bakery and we would love to help you! Cakes by Jula has been proud to serve our community for over 35 years.

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